1. Rahá

From the recording New Way Home


نه به باورى در آید
كه به چشم ديده باشد
نه اگر كلام و حرفى
ز لبش شنيده باشد
نه در اين زمانه رحمى
و به چشم جمله وهمی
چه خوش آن دمى كه عهدى
به وفا رسيده باشد

نه كسى هميشه بايد
كه در اين سرا بماند
نه كه ريسمان عمرى
به ابد كشيده باشد

چه خوشا مسافرى را
كه هواى وصل دارد
اگر از حصار زندان
به دمى رهيده باشد

ز چه كس چنين بر آید
كه فدا شود به آنی
مگر از ازل خدايش
همه پروريده باشد
شرفا به جعد مویی
كه به خون لاله گون شد
شرفا به قلب پاكى
كه به خون تپيده باشد

ز حصار تن رهيدى
تو به لا مكان رسيدى
چه خوش آن كه مرغ زیرک
ز قفس پريده باشد

ز فراق روى ماهت
دل عالمى به خون شد
نه عجب كه سرو قدش
ز غمت خميده باشد

(English Translation)

No one would believe
No eyes could see
No lips would utter
How merciless is this life
How delusion has befallen the masses

Well is with that moment
That a promise is fulfilled.

Neither should anyone
Remain on this planet forever
Nor is any earthly life
Destined to be eternal

Well is with the traveler
Who longs for reunion
Even if for one moment
He can be freed from the confines of prison.

Who can fathom that in an instant
A life maybe offered up
Unless from time immemorial
His Lord had prepared him

Most honorable is that lock of hair
That is soaked in the tulip-colored blood
Most pure is that heart
That pulsates with the blood of the beloved

You were freed from the earthly limitations
You arrived in unknown realms
How sweet that the dove of your life
Was freed from its earthly cage.

In the absence of your luminous face
An entire world lamented.
There is no surprise the sadness in their hearts have brought them to their knees

© Ava music

Lyrics realized from a poem by Mahvash Sabet